Norbert Scholly

Jazzguitarist - Composer

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Projekte als Leader / Co-Leader

Scholly-Jung-Biwandu Organ Trio

Norbert Scholly - Guitar
Roger Biwandu - Drums
Jean Yves Jung - Organ


The trio’s music is based on the musicians’ versatile experiences and stylistic preferences. The band’s origin (Cologne/Nancy/Bordeaux) is a crucial factor for the freshness and joy to play their music, because all three of them are highly respected artists within the music scene – not only in their hometowns.


Norbert Scholly (Köln) - Guitar / Compositions
Won various prices, worked together with Dusko Goykovitc, Ack van Royen, Dave Liebman, Charlie Mariano and many more.

Jean Yves Jung (Nancy) - Organ / Compositions
Collaboration with Bireli Lagrene, Billy Cobham, Phillip Catherine, Jimmy Woode, Paris BigBand...

Roger Biwandu (Bordeaux) – drums
Worked with Joe Zawinul, Salif Keita, Markus Miller...